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CEO's Foreword


"Our Group is rooted in an Island. Something that for many people would be an adversity (to develop an economic activity in a lost place in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean), for us it was an encouragement, and a challenge.  Since the first moment we realised that the three pillars of sustainable development still made even more sense:  Environmentally, because terrestrial space is limited; socially, because isolation and permanent relationship do not allow us to close our eyes to other people's problems; economically, because distance and difficult accesses compel to look for new and innovative ways to encourage our business.

If we join to all this the fact that our core business is Tourism, greater importance is given to matters as the ones that will be found in our first Report of Sustainability.  We have always in mind the fact that this activity is not displaceable (hardly we disassemble a hotel from a beach to place it to a mountain), it is attached to its environment (the surrounding area is a primary matter in hotel business) and establishes a long-term investment (return on hotel investment is not immediate and depends on a number of external factors).  Thus, knowing the challenges that we face in a daily basis, we strive (and we continue to strive) for projects that, for its innovation, quality and charisma, possess an assured success in the regions where we are located.  Therefore, we also believe in the power of Tourism as an economic driver of a country, of a region. We know its virtues while diffusing culture and meeting people and reiterate its beneficial role at the level of a service training that can be replicated in any economic activity.

Being aware of our role as a main national hotel group and one of the greatest in the World, we decided to organise and disseminate many of implemented sustainable practices in different projects and in our daily operation over these 40 years in business.

In such a way we are giving our contribution, by joining ourselves to the work of many other people, who as well as we, still believe that is possible to change the most pessimistic scenarios, preserving our planet and carrying this message to future generations.

The year of 2009 was with no doubt a decisive year in Pestana Group's policy with respect to Sustainability.  The implementation of a specific program (our "Planet Guest") made us more responsible and, especially made us more aware of this role.  The first Report of Sustainability publication of the Group corresponded to the public assumption of these principles. 

Our work in this area is only one grain of sand in the universe of a more correct development, but we believe that with this example we will certainly be able to influence other people (and by other people I mean all who are with us, such as collaborators, competitors, and other economic sectors) to follow the same way.

More than just a way, implementing practices of sustainable development on a daily basis is an attitude.  It is something that we assume as a part of our activity and, especially, as a way for everyone who considers, like us, to be a Guest of the Planet only."

Dionísio Pestana

CEO of Pestana Group


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