• aberturas


    Confirm all the hotels that are open and future openings.

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  • modelo-procedimentos

    Hygiene and Safety

    Following the worldwide spread of COVID-19, Pestana Hotel Group has reviewed its policies, services and procedures in order to maintain its commitment to the health and safety of its guests and teams. Pestana Hotel Group will ensure that the rules issued by each country’s sanitary authorities will be continuously in place in all its hotels.

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  • politica

    Cancellation Policies

    If you have a booking at a Pestana Hotel Group hotel, you’ll find answers here to all your queries about cancellation policies and booking changes.

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  • comunidade


    The Pestana Hotel Group is taking action to reduce the impacts of Covid-19 on the community. 

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  • faqs-covid


    Here you can find the answers to the most frequently questions made by our customers.  You can find questions regarding, hygiene, safety, cancellation, changes and other issues.

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For any additional questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us at 808 252 252 or send an email to guest@pestana.com