Pestana Sustainability Program, under the motto “We are all Planet Guests ”, is an aggregated concept that communicates the position of Pestana Group and our collaborators as an organization and a pool of people that respects and values environment, corporative society and ethics as responsible factors for the balance of the world where we live.



    The principles and commitment the Group undertakes in its policies reflect its sustainability approach: create long-term value for the company by developing its activity with respect for the environment, local communities and cultures, employees and customers.

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  • Commitment

    "Our Group is rooted in an Island. Something that for many people would be an adversity (to develop an economic activity in a lost place in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean), for us it was an encouragement, and a challenge. 

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  • The Pestana Group is currently in the Top 100 hotel companies worldwide.


    According to the "Corporate 300 Ranking", published by the American magazine "Hotels", Pestana Group, with Pestana Hotels & Resorts and Pousadas de Portugal, occupies the 93rd position and is the only Portuguese brand included in this worldwide ranking.

    Pestana Hotels & Resorts has received several awards and certificates proving the excellence of the hotels and resorts.

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  • Goals

    Being aware of our responsibility and establishing the commitment for developing a more sustainable activity, we set out the following objectives for 2012 and 2013, which we intend it will be monitorised in order to evaluate its state of implementation in the next Report of Sustainability.

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  • Campaigns

    Thank You for Caring is a Campaign lauched only in Portugal.

    Donate 1€ at check out. Group Pestana will add 1€ too.


    All donations go to the following local charities:

    ACREDITAR is a Non Governmental Organization (Private Social Solidarity Institution) that helps children and their families affected by child cancer. Find out more at (only Portuguese). ACREDITAR is supported by the Pestana Hotels & Resorts in Lisbon, Cascais & Sintra.

    CRESCER SER is a Private Social Solidarity Institution whose main objectives are to undertake interdisciplinary studies relating to the legal and administrative protection of the minors and their families; to promote, encourage and organize national community support services to children, youngsters and society; to boost specialized training both among the Committees of Protection teams and in social services who deal with children and young people at risk. Find out more at (only Portuguese). CRESCER SER is supported by Pestana Porto Hotel.

    CRIAMAR is aimed at providing goods and services to support children and young people.

    Criamar directs its activities to supporting charities whose work is fundamentally the monitoring of children and youngsters, as well as the creation, enhancement and development of ideas for socio-cultural and educational projects that, in a sustainable manner, promote social solidarity in general and child development and youth in particular. Find out more at (only Portuguese). CRIAMAR is supported by the Pestana Hotels & Resorts in Madeira Island.

    LAR BOM SAMARITANO is a Private Social Solidarity Institution which aim is to help children in need, from young children to teenagers, providing social, financial and cultural support. It accommodates children between 5 and 8, who are at risk for rejection or neglect by their families. It seeks to promote a stable development for each child in the construction of their life projects. Find out more at Lar Bom Samaritano (only Portuguese). LAR BOM SAMARITANO is supported by the Pestana Hotels & Resorts in the Algarve.

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  • Sustainability Report 2011

    PDF (3,3 MB)

  • Relatório de Sustentabilidade 2013

    PDF (1,6 MB)