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Historical holidays for the ages

Experience a unique holiday in the first historical hotel in Brazil. Situated in the Convento do Carmo, the former carmelite convent founded in 1592, this hotel is a journey in time and space that takes you to the absolute quiet of the rooms and cloisters, while maintaining access to the most interesting center of Salvador da Bahia: the Pelourinho and Santo António.

And best of all is that in the end, after all the sightseeing, exploring and experiencing, you will always have your piece of heaven waiting: the Pestana Convento do Carmo, where tranquility, elegance and sobriety prevail, a stark contrast to the living in the city. Undoubtedly, here you will spend an unforgettable vacation.
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First historic hotel in Brazil Hotel Museum Ideal for weddings and social events Outdoor cloisters

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  • King Deluxe

    Varying between 15 m² and 36 m² - LCD TV, Wi-fi, Minibar, Digital Safe, Amenities; air conditioning; hair dryer; telephone. Up to 2 people.
  • Twin Deluxe

    With varying sizes between 15 m² and 36 m² - LCD TV, Wi-fi, Minibar, Digital Safe, Amenities; air conditioning; hair dryer; telephone. Up to 2 people.
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  • Leisure & Services

    Samba, drumming and gregorian chant

    In the Pestana Convento do Carmo you can live the most popular emotions of axé and ilê or elevate your experience to jazz and classical music. From the merry streets to the inside of the walls of the convent, the Olodum rehearsals on Tuesdays in
  • Restaurants

    Here, gluttony is not a sin

    ​In the second cloister, you can find a confessional to redeem yourself from the sins that you will surely commit here. It will hardly be anything serious, but the truth is that the menus of the All Saints Bar and the Convent Restaurant are so tempting that it is impossible to resist them. It is best to accept that you are human, you have flaws and you deserve the best
  • Meetings & Events

    Trendy convent

    The Pestana Convento do Carmo is the most sought after Salvador hotel for sophisticated and memorable events in Bahia. Weddings, parties, brunches and receptions find a wonderful stage here, leaving the hosts happy and dazzling the guests. In addition, the proximity and accessibility of the Church of

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