Using the fish from the Algarve coast and the experience of the best fisherman’s we present local fish preserves of Sardines with Tomato or Tuna with sweet potatoes and coriander or Mackerel with olives and almonds served with toasts| €5,50 Unit


Fresh cheese salad with strawberries, cucumber, dried nuts and strawberry vinaigrette | €10,00

Caeser Salad with lettuce, croutons, sauce with anchovy, garlic and lemon, parmesan cheese | €9,00
Add chicken| €3,00
Add shrimps | €3,50

COLD SANDWICHES (served with french fries)

French baguete with ham, cheese and roman lettuce| €7,50

French baguete with tuna preserve, red onion, roman lettuce and tomato | €8,00

French baguete with chicken, mayonnaise, portuguese lettuce and pickles | €8,00

French baguete with sea food sticks and lettuce | €8,00

HOT SANDWICHES (served with french fries)

French baguete with pork steak, mustard, lettuce and tomato | €9,00

BLACK ANGUS BURGER 200g Served with lettuce, tomato, cheese served in bread with sesame seeds | €11,50
Add bacon and fried egg | €2,50



Pizza Marguerita | €9,00

Tuna pizza | €10,50

Three cheese pizza | €10,50

Extra ingredient | €1,50

French Fries
Portion 200g | €3,50
Portion 400g | €5,50


Individual Olá ice creams

FINI artisanal ice creams | €4,00