See all the terms and conditions of Luxury Voucher: 1 or 2 nights for 2 people in Pousadas de Portugal and valid as a discount on Hotels in Portugal.

1. Where can the Luxury Voucher be used?

The Luxury voucher is valid for 2 people in a Classic Room at selected Pousadas de Portugal and Pestana Collection hotels.

Valid for 1 night:

  • ALENTEJO: Castelo de Estremoz | Convento de Évora | Mosteiro do Crato
  • ALGARVE: Convento de Tavira | Palácio de Estoi
  • LISBON: Pestana Palace Lisboa | Pestana Cidadela Cascais | Pousada de Lisboa – Praça do Comércio (night valid from 1 Nov to 30 April)
  • NORTH: Pestana Palácio do Freixo | Pestana Porto – A Brasileira | Mosteiro de Amares | Gerês-Caniçada | Mosteiro de Guimarães | Viana do Castelo.

Valid for 2 consecutive nights:

  • AZORES: Forte da Horta | Forte Angra do Heroísmo
  • ALENTEJO: Castelo de Alcácer do Sal | Convento de Arraiolos| Convento de Beja | Marvão | Convento de Vila Viçosa | Castelo de Alvito
  • ALGARVE: Sagres
  • CENTRE: Ourém | Viseu | Ria | Serra da Estrela
  • LISBON: Castelo de Palmela | Palácio de Queluz
  • NORTH: Bragança | Palacete de Alijó | Valença do Minho
Or valid as a discount of the voucher value at the following Hotels:
  • NORTH: Pestana Vintage Porto
  • LISBON: Pestana CR7 Lisboa | Pestana Cascais | Pestana Sintra Golf | Pestana Lisboa Vintage
  • ALGARVE: Pestana Alvor Praia | Pestana Dom João II | Pestana Alvor Beach Villas | Pestana Alvor South Beach | Pestana Viking | Pestana Vila Sol | Pestana Gramacho Residences | Pestana Carvoeiro Golfe | Pestana Alvor Atlântico | Pestana Alvor Park | Pestana Palm Gardens
  • AZORES: Pestana Bahia Praia
  • MADEIRA: Pestana Carlton | Pestana Casino Park | Pestana Casino Studios | Pestana Promenade | Pestana CR7 Funchal| Pestana Grand | Pestana Palms | Pestana Village | Pestana Miramar | Pestana Quinta do Arco | Pestana Ilha Dourada

2. Are the conditions of the Luxury Voucher the same at any time of the year?

No, on certain dates this voucher (valid for 1-2 nights) becomes a discount voucher. The actual value of the voucher is deducted at the time of booking based on the flexible fee at

The dates are:

  • In the periods of New Year, Carnival, Easter and national or local holiday periods, and bank holidays.
  • From 1 JULY to 31 AUG: Viana do Castelo | Gerês- Caniçada | Ria | Castelo de Alcácer do Sal | Sagres | Convento de Tavira | Forte da Horta | Pestana Palácio Do Freixo
  • From 1 DEC to 31 MAR: Serra da Estrela

In the case of using the voucher in Hotels, no date restrictions apply, you can make your reservation for 1 or 2 nights and discount the voucher amount.

3. How do I proceed to make a voucher reservation?

  1. Go to the website
  2. Choose a Pousada or Hotel
  3. Select dates
  4. In the "Special Prices" field, select Experience Voucher
  5. Insert the Voucher number that is next to the bar code
  6. Complete the reservation
  7. You can also request your reservation through telephone contact or chat

When using the Pousadas de Portugal Vouchers as a discount on the Hotels, the values that will be discounted in the total of the reservation are as follows:

• Check-in voucher: 89.90 €
• Premium Check-in voucher: 149.90 €
• Luxury voucher: 189.90 €

4. How will I receive the Luxury Voucher?

If you opt-in for a physical delivery
The physical voucher will be sent to the indicated address in “Voucher Shipping Details” at the checkout time. The delivery timeframe will vary depending on the delivery country. If payed by bank transfer, it may take up to 48 hours for the voucher to be sent (working days).

Continental Portugal and Islands: 
Delivery may take up to 96 hours to be made at the address indicated, unless we are prevented from doing so by circumstances beyond our control. 
International Shipping:
Delivery will be made within 12 days to your chosen address, unless we are prevented from doing so by circumstances beyond our control. 

If you opt-in for a digital delivery
The digital voucher will be sent, immediately after payment confirmation, to the email address specified on “Voucher Shipping Details” at the checkout time. If payed by bank transfer, it may take up to 48 hours for the voucher to be sent (working days).

5. How long is the Luxury Voucher valid for?

The voucher is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase!

6. How do I use the Luxury Voucher?

Advance booking is required to use the Luxury Voucher. This booking can only be made 3 days after the date of purchase, and is subject to unit availability. The voucher must be handed over when checking in - if not, the stay will be charged according to the flexible fee.

7. Can I combine vouchers?

No, this voucher cannot be combined with other vouchers, discounts or promotions.

8. Can I exchange the Luxury Voucher?

Yes, up to 30 days before the voucher expires, it can be exchanged for a superior voucher on payment of the respective upgrade.

9. Can I return the Luxury Voucher?

Yes, up to 15 days after the purchase date.


10. Am I entitled to extra beds?

The voucher is for 2 people in Classic Room. If you wish to book for more people, a room upgrade will be required, subject to the additional payment of their supplements, which will be calculated by deducting the face value of the voucher from the flexible rate disclosed. In the specific case of franchised hotels there will also be an extra bed charge.

11. Can I get a room upgrade?

The voucher may be used to book superior to Standard room types, in which case the published flexible fee will be paid for the desired room type, deducted from the face value of the voucher.

12. Can I cancel my booking?

Yes, up to 48 hours prior to your arrival. In the event of a late cancellation or a no-show, the voucher will be considered used.

At its sole discretion, Pestana Group may temporarily close hotels if necessary. These will be temporarily excluded from the scope of this agreement and Pestana Group will always undertake to forward requests to other hotels where justified.