If you have a booking at a Pestana Hotel Group hotel, you’ll find answers here to all your queries about cancellation policies and booking changes.

  • 1. Bookings made directly via the Pestana Hotel Group websites or service centres can be cancelled in accordance with the cancellation policy established at the time of booking; 

    2. Direct bookings made in properties that are closed as a result of the pandemic can be transferred to other Pestana Hotel Group properties and customers will benefit from special conditions for making this transfer; 

    3. For reservations made through the Pestana website or our Contact Center, customers not wishing to accept the suggested change can cancel the booking free of charge. 

     4. Customers can always cancel bookings if changes in the pandemic occur that make it impossible for the service to be provided or for customers to travel 

    5. Bookings made through travel agencies, or online platforms, must be changed or cancelled with the organisation that was responsible for the booking;

    Updated on 29 July 2021