Meetings & Events

Meetings and conferences with an unforgettable touch

The Pestana Colombos has two meeting rooms - one in board room format and another, more spacious, that can accommodate various types of meeting - to be able to bring your company or reward your employees. In fact, it is very hard to think about work when you are a guest at this hotel in Porto Santo, but it's a great way to give incentives or to generate goodwill for your business. With all the excitement, delicious food and amazing drinks, even the meetings will feel like a holiday.

Sale riunioni

Tutte le sale riunioni possono essere predisposte secondo vari allestimenti. A seguito, le opzioni disponibili.

Nome della camera Area (mq) Teatro Scuola Tavolo a ferro di cavallo Cocktail Banchetto
Sala de Reuniões Principal 96 100 50 40 150 90
Sala Executiva 30 16 20
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