Everything about Pestana Priority Guest

Pestana Priority Guest program policy


1.1. The Pestana Priority Guest Program, hereinafter also referred to as Program or by the abbreviation PPG, is a loyalty program offered by PESTANA HOTEL GROUP (or Pestana Group) through which rewards are granted to customers of its hotels units in Portugal and abroad, namely the units listed on the www.pestanapriority.com or www.pestana.com websites as participating units in the Program, which are those operating with the brands "Pestana Hotels & Resorts", "Pestana Pousadas de Portugal", "Pestana Collection Hotels", "Pestana CR7 Lifestyle Hotels", " Pestana Vacation Club", "Pestana Residences" and "Pestana Golf Resorts". There may be franchising units that do not participate in the program, therefore the Client must verify if the Hotel or Pousada is included in the list on the site www.pestanapriority.com or www.pestana.com as participant in the loyalty program. 

1.2. It is up to PESTANA HOTEL GROUP to define the hotel units included in this program from the list of hotels referred to in section 1.1., with the possibility of modifying, at any given moment, the hotel units comprised in said list. The list of adherent units to the Program is defined on www.pestana.com. 

1.3. PPG participants must be over 18; an identification code will be assigned to each participant, and it won't be possible to assign more than one code for each participant. Corporate entities may also take part in the Program; an identification code will be assigned to each entity, and the involvement of such participants is regulated in accordance with the "corporate" rewards. 

1.4. The Program's participation code is personal and non-transferable; it cannot be yielded to third parties, for whatever purpose, and must be provided to the hotel units of PESTANA HOTEL GROUP whenever the participant wants to redeem its rewards.

1.5. The participant should keep his or her profile and contact details updated in the area specified for this purpose in www.pestana.com. Any participant may terminate his or her membership at any moment, simply by communicating his or her intention to PESTANA HOTEL GROUP, in writing at one of the hotel units included in the program or through the aforementioned e-mail address, with a prior notice of 30 days. 

1.6. Due to the dynamic of the program, in the components of downgrades and upgrades, the conditions and benefits of the PPG card might, at some point, not match the image of the card itself, and is therefore applicable the relation between the card number and the conditions and benefits configured in the platform that manages the same program. 


2.1. - PPG offers participants a number of rewards according to the level of each program card, such rewards being listed on www.pestana.com. 

2.2. The allocation of Platinum level rewards will be automatic when 50,000 points are collected during the course of 2 years or upon the accumulation of 15 reservations during 1 year in any PESTANA HOTEL GROUP unit. 

2.3. The allocation of Gold level rewards will be automatic when 20,000 points are collected during the course of 2 years or upon the accumulation of 10 reservations during 1 year in any PESTANA HOTEL GROUP unit. 

2.4. PESTANA HOTEL GROUP reserves the right to change the criteria for awarding points and other rewards provided by these points on www.pestana.com websites, with a 10 days notice. 

2.5. The www.pestana.com website contain additional and updated information about the Program's rewards; 

2.6. The Program benefits are available upon presentation of the respective card number before billing of the service and/or product. 

2.7. The benefits are not applied over specific promotions of as brunches, restaurant weeks, fairs, meals for groups of more than 10 people and other gastronomic events. 

2.8. The conditions for using the discounts and benefits of the loyalty program are as follows: 
a) Access to the CORPORATE tier is exclusive for corporate agreements between Pestana Hotel Group and partner companies; the DIAMOND tier is acquired by direct purchase. 
b) Points per € spent in accommodation consumptions (direct channels from Pestana Hotel Group) and food and beverage consumptions (except room service): the SILVER client gets 10 points per euro spent liquid from taxes, the GOLD client gets 12 points per euro spent liquid from taxes, and the PLATINUM and DIAMOND clients get 15 points per euro spent liquid from taxes; the CORPORATE GOLD clients can get 12 points per euro spent liquid from taxes, being able to get 15 points per euro spent liquid from taxes in the case of having a CORPORATE PLATINUM tier (when reaching 50.000 points free from expiration or 15 reservations made during 1 year on non-consecutive days). 
c) Discounts on accommodation: are applicable to the indicated rates published on the website both to the base price as well as to the best offers available on the website or through the Contact Centers of Pestana Hotel Group; prepaid rates or package rates that have other items included will not have the PPG discount; with the exceptions indicated, the SILVER clients will have 5% discount, the GOLD clients will get 10% discount, the PLATINUM clients will get 15% discount, the DIAMOND clients will get 20% discount and the CORPORATE clients will get from 10 to 15% discount. Each client can use these discounts for up to a maximum of 9 rooms, provided that the payment is made by themselves, and the invoice is issued in their name. If the PPG client is not on the reservation and/or a name change is made to the reservation, the new guest must indicate his or her own PPG card, in order to use the discount corresponding to his or her own level in the Program. If the client does not have a PPG card and chooses not to join the program, the difference compared to the rate that would originally have been applied to a non-client will be charged. 
d) Discount on Bars and Restaurants: the discounts in Bars and Restaurants exclude food and beverage acquired in room service and does not apply in special packages; the restaurants valid for this conditions are the ones have direct management from Pestana Hotel Group and in non-participating restaurants, discounts will not be applied; with the exceptions indicated, the SILVER clients will have 5% discount, the GOLD clients will get 10% discount, the PLATINUM and DIAMOND clients will get 10% discount and the CORPORATE clients will get from 5 to 10% discount. 
e) Early Check-In: valid benefit for all tiers; subject to availability check by hotel with maximum advance notice of 12 hours.
f) Late Check-Out: valid benefit for all tiers; subject to availability check by hotel with maximum advance notice of 12 hours. 
g) Access to exclusive offers: valid benefit for all tiers; PPG clients will be entitled in some circumstances to access to promotions in advance. 
h) No restriction on stay dates: valid benefit for all tiers; there are no date restrictions for the application of benefits or for the application of discounts however there may be restrictions on the application of discounts on some rates. 
j) 1 bottled water: valid benefit for all tiers; for SILVER, GOLD and CORPORATE Customers the offer applies to one bottle of water per stay, usually offered on the first night; For PLATINUM, DIAMOND and CORPORATE PLATINUM the offer applies to one bottle of water per night.  
k) Discounts on room upgrades: valid for the GOLD and CORPORATE tiers; this discount is applicable to room upgrades reserved for the next higher room category in the same rate and consists of a 20% discount on the difference between the two categories. At the PLATINUM and DIAMOND levels, upgrading for the next level is free, if there is availability at the check-in. 
l) Tratamento VIP: valid benefit for the GOLD, PLATINUM, DIAMOND and CORPORATE levels; this benefit varies from hotel to hotel and may differ between all hotels and between different brands. 
m) Room service fee offer: valid benefit for the PLATINUM and DIAMOND levels; benefit consists of the exemption from the service charge that is charged on room service requests, the prices are those contained in the hotel's service menu which may vary from the restaurant and bar menus. 


3.1. PPG participants will be credited with points corresponding to their expenditure with accommodation, catering and bar services in the appointed units and directly managed by PESTANA HOTEL GROUP, excluding VAT or other consumption taxes, provided that they are paid for upon reservation, during the stay or at check-out time; points may also be awarded in other specific consumption situations, as described in the information published on www.pestana.com website. 

3.2. As an exception to the terms of the preceding paragraph, points will not be credited in the case of expenditures that correspond to the following situations: 

a) Conference rooms rental;
b) Audiovisual equipment rental; 
c) Services provided within hotel units but offered by third parties (SPA, hairdresser or others); 
d) Accommodation and Food & Beverage consumptions billed to corporate groups or to more than 10 people together; 
e) Reservations made using Cash & Points rates or Points only rates; 
f) Accommodation and Meal Vouchers; 
g) No-shows or Late Cancellations; 
h) Reservations with special prices for groups, such as non-public rates;
i)  Accommodation and Food & Beverage consumptions via room service and mini-bar

3.3. Points awarded to the Program's participants correspond only to the expenditures associated with their stays, as well as their partners' or family clients', while the allocation of points associated with the stays of other, unrelated guests is expressly precluded. 

3.4. Points will be awarded to participants in the Program when they make reservations directly through the Pestana Hotels & Resorts, Pestana Pousadas de Portugal, Pestana CR7 Lifestyle Hotels and Pestana Hotels Collection websites, and through their respective booking centers or directly in hotels, regardless of the payment being made upon reservation or at check-out time. 

3.5. In the case of stays resulting from bookings made through tour operators or corporate agreements, with non-public rates and not paid at checkout time, the Program participant shall be credited with a fixed sum of 250 points per night, and any future changes concerning this amount will be published on the www.pestana.com website. 

3.6. Expenditure outside the European Union and eligible for the allocation of points will be converted into euros and the applicable exchange rate will be the one used by the Bank of Portugal's website or any other accredited website, unless PESTANA HOTEL GROUP designates another reference entity, on the last business day of the month preceding the stay. 

3.7. Under the PPG, rounding up to the next whole number will occur only if the exchange rate used to convert euros into points results in a number of points with a decimal value. 

3.8. Reservation points will be awarded to a single Pestana Priority Guest card, whereas two separate cards may not be awarded points resulting from the same invoice amount. 

3.9. Any flaws identified by PESTANA HOTEL GROUP in the allocation of points can be corrected at any time by PESTANA HOTEL GROUP, having the Customer the right to use the unused points after due correction. 

3.10. The units that make part of the Program will be listed on the website of the Program at www.pestana.com and can be altered by PESTANA HOTEL GROUP without previous notice. 

3.11. It is not authorized the transfer of points between different cards of distinct numbers, belonging to different clients. 


4.1. Participants must provide valid identification and their respective code in order to go make a reservation and redeem the Program's rewards. 

4.2. The rewards granted by the PPG are not compatible nor cumulative with rewards accruing from other PESTANA HOTEL GROUP Loyalty Programs, except in cases where the latter states otherwise.

4.3. PESTANA HOTEL GROUP reserves the right to refuse a booking under the Priority Guest Program if it is not provided with enough data to conclude it. 

4.4. The validity and rewards of the Customers holding Corporate cards will expire when the Employee ceases to work for the company through which he obtained the respective card or it will have to make the renewal 5 years after the membership or renovation. 

4.5. All loyalty cards have an expiration date of 5 years after the issuance of the card due and reserves the right PESTANA HOTEL GROUP to deactivate before this period in case of bad use or if justified. 

4.6. No ranking demotions except the GOLD level which will be SILVER if it does not comply with the conditions described in paragraph 2.3. 

4.7. Once a client has become inactive for a period of 3 years or more, the Pestana Hotel Group will cease the client participation in the Program and delete all personal details linked to the account and Program.

4.8. The balance of points is visible in the MyAccount PPG area atwww.pestana.com. Each customer can consult it, doing the login-in, with the PPG number or email which is associated to the card plus password. 

4.9. Periodically it is sent to the customer exclusive communication related to the program, namely, promotions, offers and other communications also relevant for the PPG purposes. The purpose of such communications is to keep the client informed about potential offers.


5.1. PPG points are valid for a period of 2 years from the date of allocation. The points will expiry in the next to last day of the expiration month.

5.2. Points transferred or converted into points or miles from other entities associated with the PPG may not be reallocated to the Program's participants. 

5.3. PESTANA HOTEL GROUP reserves the right to offer different expiration conditions for points awarded through special offers. 

5.4. Points obtained through special offers and campaigns may not be used for level upgrades.

5.5. Unused points expire two years after their acquisition in the next to last day of the corresponding expiration month.

5.6. Upgrading from SILVER level to GOLD level occurs upon collecting 20.000 points or 10 reservations within a period of one year. 

5.7. Upgrading from GOLD level to PLATINUM level occurs upon collecting 50.000 points or 15 reservations within a period of one year. 

5.8. For each 1 euro (€ 1) (taxes excluded) spent on accommodation, restaurant and bar services in any unit belonging to PESTANA HOTEL GROUP and participating in this loyalty program, 10 points will be awarded to Customers with SILVER card, 12 points to Customers with GOLD and CORPORATE GOLD cards, and 15 points to Customers with PLATINUM, DIAMOND and CORPORATE PLATINUM cards.

5.9. There will not be earned or credited any points on consumption in units and establishments not part of the Program. 


6.1. PPG membership grants free stays in hotel units through the use of credit points when the participant makes a reservation through the Customer Service, the corresponding hotel unit or in www.pestana.com website. According to the room type we can or we can not accept children, which we consider from 0 to 12 years old. The amount charged by extra beds during the check-out will be credited with points. 

6.2. Stays through points won't be accepted without previous reservation pursuant to the preceding paragraph, and bookings made more than 6 months before are subject to subsequent changes concerning the number of points used for that purpose. 

6.3. Reservations made with points cannot be canceled but may be modified only once and to the same unit. The remaining points will not be refunded in case of surplus, but additional points will be used in case the new booking requires it. 

6.4. Changing a reservation within the period allowed for that purpose implies that the points used in the first reservation will be transferred to the new one, while point allocation will refer to the original date and not to the date of said change. 

6.5. PESTANA HOTEL GROUP reserves the right not to accept reservation changes outside the period allowed for that purpose, and by accepting a reservation change outside the period allowed for this purpose it charges a fee corresponding to the number of points of an overnight stay, in accordance with the reservation fee, which will be deducted by the hotel unit from the participant's overall credit. 

6.6. Reservation change policies can be defined by each hotel unit and each fee may be subject to specific changes, the conditions for such changes being determined by the unit and/or rate.

6.7. Once the check-in is complete, the reservation cannot be modified, so if the Program participant reduces his or her stay, the number of points corresponding to the remaining days will be deducted from his or her credit; if the participant wishes to extend the stay, he or she will make a new reservation for the required days simply by requesting it at the hotel's front desk.

6.8. The PPG discounts are not applicable to corporate rates. 

6.9. Reservations with points should be made by the client as also the stays must be enjoyed by the client that can be accompanied by immediate family. 


7.1. PESTANA HOTEL GROUP reserves the right to cancel or change the Program's conditions, in whole or in part, at any time, undertaking to use its best endeavors to promptly inform the Program's participants about the scope and effective date of such changes. 

7.2. PESTANA HOTEL GROUP also reserves the right to create specific rules for this Program according to the country or other geographical area where it applies.

7.3 PESTANA HOTEL GROUP will disclose all information regarding the cancellation or changes referred to in the previous paragraphs on the PPG's web page.

7.4. PESTANA HOTEL GROUP, its statutory bodies and employees, as well as any partners with whom it associates under this Program, are not responsible for any loss or damage caused to the Program's participants and, in the event of cancellation, all points previously credited to participants will be automatically canceled, without any compensation. 

7.5. PESTANA HOTEL GROUP reserves the right to cancel participation in PPG to participants misusing their credit and its rewards.

7.6. In case any hotel unit ceases to take part in this program, the participant will no longer be able to use his or her PPG points, as well as any other Program rewards, at that unit, with no obligation of prior notice to participants. 

7.7. In the event of the participation's termination pursuant to paragraph 7.5. or cancellation pursuant to paragraph 7.1. of this clause, the participant loses the right to the points that he or she may have accumulated to date, without any compensation. 


8.1. PESTANA HOTEL GROUP does not take responsibility for lost or delayed correspondence in the post offices and reserves the right to change rates, descriptions or promotional materials sent to right to change rates, descriptions or promotional materials sent to participants. 

8.2. All participants' claims regarding credits and the use of points or the redemption of other Program rewards must be submitted to the corresponding hotel unit or in the area specifically created for that purpose on the www.pestanapriority.com and/or www.pestana.com  websites, attaching the stay's invoice or any other document supporting the claim.

8.3. All complaints concerning credits and points must be submitted within 6 months following the stay, after which the corresponding rights will prescribe. 


9.1. The collected personal data will be processed by Pestana Management - Serviços de Gestão S.A., a private liability company, with its registered head office based at Rua Jau, 54, 1300 - 314 Lisbon, registered with the Lisbon Commercial Registry Office under the single registration number and company number 511230397 (hereinafter “Pestana Group”), which acts as Responsible for personal data management.

9.2 The personal data of the Program Participants will be kept for 5 years, unless the Participant account is inative for a period of 3 years whereas  in such scenario the Pestana Group will delete the account and corresponding personal details.
9.3 The personal data of the Program Participants is strictly used for loyalty activities and campaigns available under the Program Participation. 
9.4. Pestana Group might need to indicate some personal data from the Program Participants to other companies pertaining to the Group solely for the purpose of ensuring that the client is properly granted with Program benefits. 

9.5 These terms and conditions do not exempt you from reading the Website's privacy policy, in which you can find all the necessary information under the article 13 of the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016, and which constitutes an integral part of these terms and conditions.

9.6 Users have the right of access, rectification, elimination, opposition, limitation and portability, for these purposes you should access the platform available at:https://pestanahotelgroup.atlassian.net/servicedesk/customer/portal/5 or via e -mail to dpo@pestana.com. 

9.7. The Customers may, at any time and for free, access and/or change their personal data and communications preferences on their personal page. ​