Welcome to Pestana Guest Club

There are more than 100 hotels in different geographies with 4 different brands for all moments. The Pestana Hotel Group offers a diversified portfolio to provide unique moments and created the Pestana Guest Club, the loyalty program, which recognizes the preference of those who repeat the experience.

There are more advantages to being a member of Pestana Guest Club!

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    Easy Membership and Recognition

    Enjoy the advantages and exclusive benefits right away. Registration is simple, fast and free. After registering, you can immediately enjoy a 10% discount on reservations at www.pestana.com.

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    The Pestana Hotel Group is present in 16 countries and already has more than 100 hotels. Wherever you go, identify yourself as a member of the Pestana Guest Club to enjoy the benefits.

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    Pestana Guest Club Tiers

    Get to know our different card levels to reward your preference! Compare the different Pestana Guest Club tiers.

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    Our Partnerships

    There are more advantages in the Pestana Guest Club and we have prepared some partnerships to surprise our members and make their stay even more memorable.​

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    Exchange Points

    Accumulate points for each stay or meal and then use them to redeem for free or partially free nights.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Check out our FAQs, send an email to guest.club@pestana.com or call (+351) 211 519 699 so we can answer all your questions or hear your comments.

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    Regulation and using conditions

    See the regulations and conditions of use of the Pestana Guest Club program.

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