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Package Storage

Конечно, мы можем удовлетворить Ваш запрос о получении Вашей посылки и подержать ее для Вас

We can most certainly accommodate your request of receiving your package and holding it for you. Because of the exceptionally large number of packages the hotel receives on a daily basis, we ask that you include your name and date of arrival in the address label. There are usually two address lines - one should include the name under which you made your reservation with 'guest' after it, and the other your arrival date, i.e.James Brown - Guest / Arrival: 09/25/14. Please keep in mind we will store the first 3 packages free of charge. If you have more than 3 packages per reservation there will be a fee per package and per day as following:
​0 a 10 pounds ​$5
​11 to 20 pounds ​$10
​21 to 50 pounds ​ $15
​Over 50 pounds ​$25 per 50 punds
Other important information:

Guests must retrieve all packages that were delivered upon arrival.
Hotel is not responsible for refusing packages for guests.
Hotel is not responsible for sending packages back to shipper or vendor.
Hotel is not responsible for unclaimed packages for more than 30 days from the date it was received.
Packages must be retrieved by the person whose name is on the label (ID required).
Hotel is not responsible for missing valuables.
– 7% in taxes will be added to the final amount.


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